Can DCIS Help Your Business?

Are you in facility maintenance? Are you a business owner? Are you having trouble with your shelf stock? Is your current supplier falling short? At Dale Commercial and Industrial Supply (DCIS), we offer a complete range of services that directly impact your bottom line. We work with facility engineers and people in the maintenance industry that are having trouble keeping their day-to-day maintenance items in their inventory, need help troubleshooting a problem, or if they find themselves spending hours searching for hard-to-find items.

Our services help to reduce labor costs and increase production time. DCIS helps to minimize daily supply issues by streamlining the ordering process with the following features:

• Special Order Sourcing
• Delivery
• Paperless Invoicing
• Auto Reordering
• Quantity Discounts
• Customized Reports
• Email Ordering
• Catalog Sales
• Product Support

Our personal service is second to none. Our sales team focuses on your needs, keeps a history of past purchases, and provides you with strong communication about the logistics of your orders. We can help a vast array of industries including health care, government, hospitality, property management, logistics, manufacturing, colleges, and many others.

If you think we might be of value to you and your company, contact one of our DCIS team members today. Our team will be in touch with you and then together we can determine how we can help. For more information, give us a call at (510) 797-3854. We look forward to helping your business.


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